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  • Environmental Sustainability
  • ASE Group is committed to improving our eco-efficiency and protecting the environment by continuously enhancing resources recycling; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, wastewater effluent, and chemical usage.

    ASE strives to develop and promote a green concept in all facets of its enterprise. We are committed to ensuring the protection of the earth through our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste and effluent. In addition, from the initial product design stage, we conscientiously incorporate environmental considerations into continuous process improvement as well as in new product development to provide green manufacturing services with minimum pollution and waste output.

    Environmental Management System and Certification

    ISO14001 Environment Management System
    Coverage: All sites
    IECQ HSPM QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management
    Coverage: All sites except for ISE Labs*
    ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification
    Coverage: ASE Kaohsiung, Chungli, Shanghai(A&T), Shangai(Material), Kunshan, Suzhou, Weihai, Wuxi(Tongzhi), Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, ISE Labs, USI Zhangjiang, USI Shenzhen, USI Kunshan, USI Taiwan, USI Mexico
    ISO 50001 Energy Management System
    Coverage: ASE Kaohsiung, Chungli, USI Zhangjiang, USI Taiwan, USI Shenzhen, USI Kunshan
    ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Verification
    Product & service type: Leadframe, BGA, Chip Scale Package(CSP), flip chip
    Coverage: ASE Kaohsiung
    ISO 14046 Water Footprint Verification
    Coverage: ASE Kaohsiung
    ISO 14045 Product Eco-efficiency
    Coverage: ASE Kaohsiung

    * ISE Labs is IC testing facility that does not require IECQ HSPM QC080000 Certification.