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President Chen Visits ASE Kaohsiung Factory In Appreciation of ASE’s Contribution to Taiwan’s Semico

Taiwan, August 14, 2001-- President Chen Shui Bian today visited ASE's factory located in Nan Ze Export Processing Zone at Kaohsiung in appreciation of ASE's contribution to Taiwan's semiconductor industry. As the worldwide leading manufacturer in semiconductor packaging and testing, ASE Group is well acknowledgedin the industry for having cutting-edge technology.

Jason Chang, president of ASE Group and other management executive officers accompanied President Chen during his visit of the production facilities and the recently completed 10,000-square-meter multi-purpose Warehouse Building. President Chen was impressed by the advanced packing and testing technologies and the outstanding process flow management. He praised not only ASE's dedication in providing turn-key solutions for the global semiconductor industry, but also ASE's contribution to Taiwan's economy.

"We are very honored that President Chen visited our facilities today and we appreciate the government's continuous support of the semiconductor industry," said Chairman Mr. Jason Chang. "Taiwan is the global headquarters of ASE Group, therefore we will continue investing in Taiwan to leverage and capitalize on the complete infrastructure of Taiwan's IT industry in order to strengthen our strategic competitiveness in the global semiconductor industry. Meanwhile, we also need to establish an operation base in China in the nearest future in order to strengthen our competitive edge. China's high growth potential represents one of the most important markets, and we have seen growing demand from our customers to serve their needs locally. In order to solidify ASE and Taiwan's global competitiveness, we would like to urge our government to release the investment restriction into China. " In appreciation of President Chen's visit, Chang presented a portrait assembled by 6600 chips to the President.

The Kaohsiung facility, currently housing 7 world-class production plants, is ASE's most advanced technology center. ASE established the12- inch (300 mm) wafer assembly and test line in 2000 and completed the construction of the multi-purpose factory building that integrates packaging, testing and logistics services. ASE will invest nearly one billion US dollars to support its future expansion.  

ASE has in place a leading vision towards the development of its technological roadmap and production process. Despite the global economic downtown, ASE's advanced technology and unified services continues not only to strengthen its competitive advantages, but continues to augment its leading position to keep ahead of the competition. 

About ASE Inc.

ASE Inc. is one of the world’s largest independent providers of semiconductor packaging services and, together with its subsidiary ASE Test Limited (NASDAQ: ASTSF), one of the world’s largest independent providers of semiconductor testing services, including front-end engineering testing, wafer probing and final testing services. The Company’s international customer base of more than 200 blue-chip customers includes such leading names as Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Altera Corporation, Cirrus Logic Inc., Conexant Systems, Inc., LSI Logic Corporation, and Qualcomm Incorporated. With advanced process technology capabilities and a global presence spanning Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States, ASE Inc. has established a reputation for reliable, high quality products and services, For more information, visit the website,