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Announcement on the migration of email domain addresses to

Dear Customers and Partners

Announcement on the Migration of email domain addresses to

We are pleased to announce a corporate-wide program to migrate all ASE employees' email addresses to We wish to assure you that the migration program will not in any way affect our continuous quality service to our customers.

Upon completion of the migration exercise, ASE Group members will have an email domain address consistent with our corporate website The new addresses will also maximize the communication flow between our customers, partners and ASE, while eliminating the confusion of different domain names.

The exercise will occur in phases at each of our facilities and the schedule is outlined as follows:

Facility & location Scheduled Date of Completion Email address before migration (example) Email address after migration *(example)
ASE Test, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Completed since Jan 2002
ASE Material, Kaohsiung Completed since Jan 2002
ASE US and Europe by 30 Jun 2002
  by 15 Aug 2002
ASE Assembly, Kaohsiung by 15 Jul 2002
ASE Cavite, Philippines by 15 Jul 2002
ASE Chung Li, Taiwan by 30 Jul 2002
ASE Penang, Malaysia by 1 Aug 2002
ASE Paju, Korea by 15 Aug 2002

* Your ASE contact will advise you of his/her new email address once the migration at his/her location takes effect. To ensure a smooth transition, the existing domain names of each location will remain operating for at least 6 months after migration.  
Should you have any query on the migration, please do not hesitate to contact:

ASE Asia Pacific
Clementine Chen
ASE US/Europe
Jennifer Yuen