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ASE goes Green with the completion of an Ecological Walkway at Nantze Export Processing Zone in Kaohsiung

Transformation of the Nantze Export Processing Zone’s perimeter into an open concept, eco-friendly walkway constructed with permeable pavement for the local community

Kaohsiung, October 20, 2015 Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (TSE: 2311, NYSE: ASX) today announced the official opening of an ecological walkway surrounding the perimeter walls between the north and west entrances of the Nantze Export Processing Zone (NEPZ) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The walkway is the result of a collaborative project between the NEPZ and the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation (ASECEF) at a cost of NTD26 million (USD800,000), sponsored exclusively by ASECEF.

Since the establishment of NEPZ over forty nine years ago, the industrial zone has been enclosed within concrete walls, which created a dreary and industrial peripheral view. The walls are now gradually being removed and replaced by an eco-walkway spanning 970 meters and occupying 5,792 square meters of green landscaping. The eco-walkway includes a patented JW eco-technology permeable pavement, which is built using sustainable materials that allow water to seep through the surface and reduce storm water runoff, minimizing flood risk. It also reduces air pollution by capturing carbon dioxide and other polluting particulates in its drainage conduits. In addition, the permeable pavement works to increase water absorption into the soil. It also reduces pavement surface temperature and in turn cools the surrounding air and reduces the heat island effects by storing and evaporating water (1).

“The opening of the eco-walkway will prove highly beneficial to over 2,000 employees who commute on foot to work in NEPZ daily, making it very convenient for them to enter and exit their workplace via the open space,” said Mr. Huang Wen-Gu, Director of the Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. He added, “The increased interaction between the NEPZ and local businesses and residents is poised to improve economic benefits to the community as a whole.”

“The NEPZ authority has been very supportive of ASE’s sustainability policy on the co-existence between businesses and the environment, which is manifested in the timely completion of the eco-walkway initiative,” said Dr. Tien Wu, COO, ASE Group and member of the board of directors, ASECEF. “The planning of the eco-walkway took into careful consideration the elements of technology, environment, culture, and community,” he continued.

Besides the permeable pavement, ASE has planted 9,205 trees of different species along the walkway, which should result in approximately 14.7 metric tons of carbon sequestration per year. Resting benches and bus shelters that are accessible to the public were also integrated within the landscape.

As a continuous effort in corporate social responsibility, ASE proactively participates in initiatives that reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable community and economic development. The opening of the eco-walkway will avail to local residents a nearby park for them to stroll and relax, as well as promote better interaction between NEPZ tenants and their surrounding neighbors.


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