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    The features of small outline package (SOP) are similar to SOJ, except that the leads' end is formed in the shape of a gull-wing. SSOP is the shrunk version of SOP, with lead pitch narrowed from 1.27mm (50mil) to 0.635mm (25mil). The shrunk body means flexible layout within finite PCB area. Another advantage is that shorter leads improve the electrical performance.


    ASE's SOP/SSOP product was designed in compliance with JEDEC standards. Applications includes low pin count packages used in cellular phones, wireless LAN, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, video, and information appliances.


    SOP Body sizes 154 up to 450 mils
    SSOP Body sizes 300 mils
    SOP lead counts available from 8 to 32
    SSOP lead counts available 48 & 56
    JEDEC standard outlines
    Existing BOM and process flow
    Pb-free process ready and available


    Package Level
    Test Item Reference Standard Condition/Duration
    MSL JEDEC 22-A103 Level 3, 30ºC/60% RH, 192 hrs
    TCT JEDEC 22-A104-B -65ºC to 150ºC, 100/300/500/1000 cycles
    HAST JEDEC 22-A118 130ºC/85% RH, 33.5 PSI 48/96 hrs
    HTST JEDEC 22-A103-B 150ºC, 500/1000 hrs
    THT JEDEC 22-A101-B 85’C/85%RH 500/1000 hrs
    PCT JEDEC 22-A102 121ºC/100%RH/15 psi ,96/168 hours
    Thermal shock test JEDEC JESD22-A106 -65ºC~150ºC, 100 / 300 / 500 cycles
    Board Level (Contact ASE for further details.)