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    Advanced Quad Flat No-lead. aQFN™ is solution for Lead less, multi-row and fine pitch lead frame package with enhanced Thermal/ Electrical performance. aQFN™ is a cost-effective packaging solution due to its economical materials and simpler packaging process.


    Telecommunication products
    Cellular phones
    Wireless LAN

    Portable products
    Personal digital assistants
    Digital cameras

    Low to medium lead count packages
    Information appliances


    Low profile, small footprint and light weight
    Free-form I/O design
    Fine lead pitch 0.4mm
    Excellent thermal performance
    Excellent electrical performance
    Good SMT performance
    Cost effective package
    Extend QFN I/O count up to 400


    Package Level
    MSL JEDEC Level 3, 30°C/ 60% RH 192 hours
    PCT 121°C/ 100% RH/ 2 atm 168 hours
    TCT –65°C ~ 150°C 1000 cycles
    HAST 130°C/ 85% RH/33.5 PSIG 96 hours
    HTST 150°C 1000 cycles
    Board Level (Contact ASE for further details.)
    TCT 0~100°C, 2 CPH W/10 minute ramps and 5 minute duells respectively 1000 cycles
    Drop Test JEDEC standard 30 drops Min