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    This thin package solution has become available due to significant improvement in substrate and die thinning technology.
    Package Total Thickness Package Profile Solder Ball Pitch
    LFBGA 1.20~1.70mm Low Profile Fine Solder Ball Pitch
    TFBGA 1.00~1.20mm Thin Profile Fine Solder Ball Pitch
    VFBGA 0.80~1.00mm Very Thin Profile Fine Solder Ball Pitch
    WFBGA 0.65~0.80mm Very Very Thin Profile Fine Solder Ball Pitch
    UFBGA 0.50~0.65mm Ultra thin Profile Fine Solder Ball Pitch
    * Small, thin and light package
    * Flexible design
    * Low cost and & time to market high volume production
    * Competitive reliability performance (MSL3@260°C)


    FBGA is commonly used in hand-held devices, like computer, communication, and consumer devices. Increasing demand for thin packages with high density performance make FBGA a highly competitive and reliable package solution to meet this growing demand. This package is highly recommended for Memory (SRAM, PSRAM, Flash, DRAM), Graph, ASIC, Digital and Analog products.


    3x3 mm to 21x21 mm body size available
    Max 672 I/Os
    0.4/0.5/0.65/0.75/0.8/1.0 mm in ball pitch
    Rigid and customized routing substrate design
    High density interconnection
    Full in-house design capability
    Fine pitch wire bond capability
    Low assembly cost
    Self-alignment during re-flow
    High speed performance
    Lower profile (Package thickness)
    RoHS/ Pb Free & Green Package process ready and available
    Ease of thermal and electrical management
    Ease of routing
    JEDEC standard criteria


    Test Item Reference Condition/Duration
    MSL Level 3 JEDEC 22-A103 30°C/60% RH, 192 hrs
    TCT JEDEC 22-A104-B -65°C to 150°C, 500, 1000 cycles
    HAST JEDEC 22-A118 130°C/85% RH, 33.5 PSI, 50/100, hrs
    HTST JEDEC 22-A103-B 150°C 500/1000 hrs
    THT JEDEC 22-A101-B 85°C/85%RH 500/1000 hrs

    Package Structure

    ItemThickness (Total) Units LFBGA TFBGA VFBGA WFBGA UFBGA
    Total Thickness (Max) mm 1.20~1.70 1.2 1 0.8 0.65
    Mold ThicknessPackage size (A) mm 0.53~0.91 0.45~0.70 0.45~0.53 0.30~0.45 0.25~0.3
    Substrate thickness (B) mm 0.21~0.56 0.21~0.36 0.21~0.26 0.17~0.21 0.13~0.17
    Solder ball height (C) mm 0.16~0.46 0.16~0.40 0.07~0.23 0.06~0.21 0.02~0.14
    Wafer thickness (D) um 125~200 125~200 100~150 75~100 50~75
    Max Epoxy (E) um 50 50 38 25 25
    Max Loop height (F) um 200 150 140 125 100