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    ASE offer Stacked Chip Scale Package (SCSP) that combines BGA and Leadframe package solutions onto each MCM type.

    Another exclusive stacked die package offered by ASE is the Sandwich SCSP. This unique package combines up to 5 dice stacked on top of another with one of the dice acting as a spacer in between. For more information on how Sandwich SCSP can solve your packaging problems, contact your local ASE office for further information.


    The integration of several semiconductor technologies into single package offers excellent advantages for many applications where size, weight, electrical performance and board density are important considerations.

    Stacked CSP is suitable for chip applications in cellular phones, PDA and various handheld electronics. Sandwich SCSP is suitable for applications in high density memory structure and also handheld electronics.


    5x5 mm to 19x19 mm body size available
    Different function integrated into package level
    Full in-house flexible design capability
    High speed and good electrical performance
    RoSH / Green process available
    Cost saving and time to market solution for multi-function package
    Fine Pitch wirebond capability
    Eliminate the use of second level package
    JEDEC standard compliant


    Package Level
    Test Item Reference Condition/Duration
    MSL Level 3 JEDEC 22-A103 30°C/60% RH, 192 hrs
    TCT JEDEC 22-A104-B -65°C to 150°C, 1000 cycles
    HAST JEDEC 22-A118 130°C/85% RH, 33.5 PSI, 100, hrs
    HTST JEDEC 22-A103-B 150°C 1000 hrs