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    PoP (Package-on-Package) is a package technology placing one package on top of another to integrate different functionalities while maintaining a compact size. PoP offers procurement flexibility, low cost of ownership, better total system costs and faster time to market. Normally designers use top package for memory application and bottom package for ASICs, Baseband or Processor applications. By using PoP technology, the memory KGD issue can be mitigated since the memory to be integrated with bottom package can be burn-in and tested before integration with bottom package. The development cycle time and cost can be reduced since memory is decoupled from ASIC/Baseband/Processor from the perspective of qualification, yield, sourcing, procurement timing and logistic handling.


    Applications of PoP include analog devices, ASIC, Baseband, Processor, integrated passives, and RF devices. The end application will be used in cell phone, PDA and system board.


    Package size 8x8 mm to 20x20mm available
    Fine Pitch wire bond capability
    Green process available
    Good electrical performance
    Good thermal performance
    Stacked die solution
    Cost effective solution for high density package
    JEDEC standard compliant