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    HFC BGA (High Performance FCBGA), a thermally enhanced FCBGA, is the composite package of FCBGA with heatspreader made of Cu, Al, or AlSiC. The heatspreader is used to extend the heat conduction area by connecting itself to the rear side of the silicon chip.

    This method desensitizes the performance deviation out of the chip size, lowers the thermal resistance of junction-to-case (θJC) and enables the external heat sink or fan to work more effectively. HFCBGA can produce 6~8 watts of power dissipation under natural convection.


    Graphics/chipsets for PC
    Server and High-end application
    Microprocessor for PC & Server

    Network products (eg. LAN)
    Cellular Base Stations


    Substrate 4 layer laminate, 4~12 layer build-up, ceramic, and PTFE substrates are available
    Thermal Lids Heat spreaders made of Cu with Ni plating, Aluminum, Ceramic, AlSiC
    Passive Component Passive component attaching. It can be placed on the top or bottom side of the package
    Ceramic BGA High Pb solder ball with eutectic solder paste improves board level reliability performance of ceramic packages


    Package Level
    Test Item Reference Standard Condition/Duration
    MSL JEDEC 22-A113 Level 4, 30°C/60% RH, 96 hrs
    TCT JEDEC 22-A104-B -65°C to 150°C, 500, 1000 cycles
    THT JEDEC 22-A101 85°C/85% RH, 500/1000hrs
    HAST JEDEC 22-A118 130°C/85% RH, 33.5 psi 50/100hrs
    HTST JEDEC 22-A103-B 150°C, 500/1000 hrs
    PCT JEDEC 22-A102 121°C/100%RH , 15 psig, 96/168hrs
    Board Level (Contact ASE for further details.)