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  • IC packaging (a.k.a. IC assembly) is one of the essential processes and technologies in IC manufacture, connecting the bare die to the PCB. It serves as a reliable and easily testable vehicle for susceptible chips. The requirements for the new generation of electronic devices are features of our advanced IC packaging: low profile, high power dissipation, and better performance in terms of voltage and reliability.

    ASE, among the largest IC packaging companies in the world, provides versatile, reliable and value-added services, from the conventional PTH (plated-through-hole) packaging to flip-chip BGAs with over 1500 I/O.

    This section is a repository of information about ASE’s package offerings and capabilities. It provides an overview of each package type in our product families, which includes the features, applications, design rules, relevant reliability, performance data, etc.

    We also welcome you to contact the local ASE office near you if you need further discussion of a particular product type, its technical data or assistance in package selection.