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  • To enhance customer service quality, ASE began developing real time web-based packaging services to our customers in 1999. This design service is referred to as eService, a project initiated by the R&D division of ASE. eService is intended to speed up the development process of IC packaging. Through interactive windows, users can assign simulation models to derive the optimal results according to the specifications in electrical and thermal performance. In addition, eService has the capability to generate bonding diagrams, based on a specific lead frame or substrate by IC designers. Another specialty of eService is to provide a direct channel for customers to issue cases to our characterization labs via OLES.

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    e-Thermal Simulator

    e-Thermal Simulator, in service since 1999, allows users to conduct thermal simulation for IC packages from a remote site. By simply entering the design parameters, users can obtain the thermal resistance of any package within 3 hours. Based on finite element methods(FEM), e-Thermal Simulator adopts popular commercial software-ANSYS, for the thermal calculations. Once the basic dimensions and conditions of a package are acquired from the remote site, e-Thermal Simulator collects this data and then calls the ANSYS server, After completing the simulation, the results will be e-mailed back to the user. Up-to-date models for QFP(including PQFP, LQFP and TQFP) and BGA(PBGA and HSBGA) are available.

    iEDAS (Internet Electrical Data Automation Service)

    iEDAS allows users to obtain electrical characteristics for IC packages from a remote site via the internrt. After accessing the iEDAS Web page, users can select the preferred package type and key in size of die, size of package, and other related information. Simulation will then be performed to extract the resistance(R), inductance(L) and capacitance(C). The values are calculated via a 3D structure in Ansoft Maxwell Spicelink. Once the calculations are completed, the results will be automatically e-mailed to the user.

    iBDS (Internet Bonding Diagram Service)

    iBDS enables automatic real-time B/D(bonding diagram) generation over the internet. The integration of the open-toll drawings of lead frames and substrates with the CAD tool provides a prompt channel for customers to link to the production line. By following step-by-step instructions, customers first choose one of the proper L/Fs(leasfirames) or substrates which are extracted from the database according to the specifications of customers. iBDS provides you the preliminary bonding diagram for an IC package layout within the QFP family. By downloading the bonding Excel file and keying in a few critical data, you would obtain a drawing laypout of the 2D package type and bonding results. iBDS will mobilize the CAD engine to sketch the B/D. Once the customer approves the B/D by pressing the confirmation key, this drawing will be filed as an official document.

    PSE (Package Selection Engine)

    With the development of high-speed, high power, lightweight and small portable electronic devices, packaging becomes a crucial consideration for the design engineers. In general, the packages for high-speed ICs should keep the conducting path as short as possible and well shielded by the grounding system. Larger packages have longer traces and produce more electrical parasitics, which will degrade the signal integrity. PSE is intended to link customers' applications with the packaging solution. User simply type in keywords on the wed page, e.g. the I/O number, the criterion of power dissipation, the working frequency, the IC application, PSE will deduce the corresponding packages, and list the priority for customers' review.

    OLES (On-line Entrusting Service)

    OLES provides an avenue for customers to entrust the characterization cases to ASE labs. To ensure the clarity of each entrusted case, customers are requested to fill in all required information thoroughly. Upon confirmation from ASE on accepting the entrusted case, an acknowledgement receipt will be e-mailed to customers with the completion date. The format of the final report is customer-specific. Customer may request the type of reporting format, ranging from simple tabulated presentations(data, tables and charts) to detailed technical reports(including the basic theory and the discussion).

    e-Stress Simulator

    e-Stress Simulator, in service since 2008, allows users to conduct stress simulation for IC package from a remote site via the internet. After accessing the e-Stress Simulator Web page and entering the design parameters, users can obtain the stress and warpage distribution of BGA package type. Based on finite element method (FEM), the popular commercial software-ANSYS will be used to do numerical analysis. The basic dimensions and conditions of a package are acquired from the Web site. After completing the simulation, the reports will be e-mailed back to the user.