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    ASE welcomes outstanding and competitive suppliers to become our business partners. If you are interested, please download the application form and send to ASE_GPUR_RM@aseglobal.com.

    ASE Supplier Assessment Process

    Before becoming a qualified ASE supply chain partner, a potential supplier must meet ASE’s partner standards by completing the ASE Supplier Assessment Process. The ASE Supplier Assessment Process is as follows:

    Phase 1. Supplier Profile Verification
    Suppliers must provide required documents to ASE’s Purchasing Department for verification, including Vendor Qualification Check List, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Supplier’s Letter of Commitment to ASE’s Supplier Code of Conduct, Conflict Minerals Representation, etc. Information provided must be accurate and suppliers are liable for the information provided. ASE has the right to terminate a supplier if the information provided is inaccurate.

    Phase 2. Supplier Product Evaluation and On-Site Audit
    After passing Phase 1, depending on suppliers’ business categories, products and services, some suppliers will need to undergo Phase 2 evaluation such as the verification of product or service specifications, sample trial-run, supplier facility on-site audit, etc.