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  • Over the years ASE Group has invested substantially in research and development for these enabling technologies.

    The advanced manufacturing process technologies we provide include fine pitch bonding, flip chip, wafer bumping, 300 mm wafer bumping and test, copper wafer process, chip scale package (CSP), multi stack-die packaging, 3D packages and system in package (SiP). Our fully-integrated 300 mm wafer backend assembly and test capabilities are among the most advanced in the world.

    We also offer solutions covering opto-electronics and blue-tooth technologies. Our advanced package types, designed for high electronic performance and superior heat dissipation, are used in high-end computing applications such as microprocessors as well as communications chips and consumer products. Due to increasing environmental-protection concerns, there is a growing demand for lead-free packages and ASE has a large variety of lead-free packages which comply with new global standards.

    ASE Core Test Technology

    With leadership in test technologies through a broad variety of test platforms, ASE Group provides a complete range of semiconductor test services to our customers, including front-end engineering test; wafer probing; final test of logic, mixed signal, and memory semiconductors; and other test-related services encompassing burn-in test, dry-pack, and tape and reel. Our test services employ technology and expertise and are the most advanced in the semiconductor industry.

    In addition to our huge capacity of test equipment enabling quick ramp-up to our customers' requirements, ASE is outstanding in multi-functional test with expertise in test platforms, program conversion and test program development, empowering SoC/MCM/SiP testing technology to meet the increasing need to pack more functions onto a single chip or a package.

    Our excellent test capabilities in chipset, graphics, embedded DRAM/MCM, CPU, RF, analog, analog to digital/digital to analog, and digital signal processors makes ASE an effective test solution provider, offering rapid time to market and cost effective solutions.

    Technology Disclosures

    With a perpetual drive for maintaining technical superiority, ASE has accumulated a strong knowledge base over the years. Listed below are some of the technology disclosures that contain concise descriptions of developments from research and development efforts of ASE's engineering staff:

    Lead Frame Delamination Improvement - No Ag Plating on Side Wall of LF
    Probe Bump Structure
    New Stacked-die Structure Development