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    ASE is the world's largest provider of independent semiconductor assembly and test manufacturing services, and is strategically bolstered by its important investments in Research and Development.  ASE's contribution to technology in advanced semiconductor packaging has not only resulted in numerous global patents, but has also forged strategic long-term relationships with the world's largest semiconductor Integrated Design Manufacturers.  ASE continues to advance today's leading technologies in copper wire bonding, wafer bumping, chip-scale packaging, fully integrated modules, optical packages, and twelve inch wafer packages.  Additionally, ASE deploys world class methods for the creation, protection, and commercialization of its intellectual property which includes a robust system for the management and protection of valuable trade secrets.  As ASE's intellectual property portfolio continues to aggressively expand into the thousands of patents, the value of ASE's intellectual property has strategically increased as ASE brings vision and technology leadership to its customers, and the semiconductor industry.  ASE deploys both offensive and defensive intellectual property strategies to maintain its dominant position in the market place, offering its customers innovative, practical, yet secure, solutions.

    IP Rewards

    2011: "National Invention and Creation Award" by Ministry of Economic Affairs/ Intellectual Property Office.
    2012: "Quality Award for the Operation and Management of Intellectual Property" and "The best Intellectual Property Report of 2012" by Institute for Information Industry and "Global Views Monthly" magazine.

    IP Report

    Buoyed by the World Intellectual Property Organization's desire to formally articulate the intangible assets of the technology enterprise, ASE's Intellectual Property Division authored its own award winning intellectual property report which showcases the innovative achievements of its research and inventive staff.  The 2012 ASE Intellectual Property Report was published to great acclaim, and was awarded "The Best Intellectual Property Report of 2012" by "Institute for Information Industry" and "Global Views Monthly".

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