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  • The ASE Group's reputation has been built on the development and application of cutting-edge technologies such as Copper wire, aWLP™, aQFN™, a-fcCSP™, aMAPPoP™ , SiP Module and Cu Pillar. Long-term investment in research and development has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition in the application of new technologies.

    Copper Wire

    • Cu wire bond as good as gold
    • Low cost opportunity
    • Wire diameters as low as 0.7 mils
    • Leader in high volume production
    • Quality and yield equivalent to gold
    • High reliability, typically 2x JEDEC


    • Advanced QFN package (aQFN)
    • Cost effective wire bond lead frame package
    • Multiple rows and I/O up to 450 pin
    • High thermal & electrical performance
    • Small, low profile, and light weight


    • Low cost fcCSP package design
    • Based on 2L substrate with 30/30 L/S
    • Molded underfill
    • Large strip manufacturing form factor


    • Newest generation POP package
    • CSP manufacturing form factor
    • Laser via in mold compound with solder first
    • Excellent warpage control
    • Self-registration for TOP package

    SiP Module

    • Smallest form factor sub-system solution
    • System design service, RF simulation, high efficiency final test solution
    • Key process: high density SMT, flip-chip, wire-bonding, mold-only underfill, fine line & space substrate
    • Advanced technologies: conformal shielding, IPD, Embedded technology
    • Applications: PA module, RF module, wireless connectivity, wireless broadband data modem

    Cu Pillar

    Reduced risk of shorts between adjacent bumps
    Larger spacing between adjacent bumps for signal routing and easier underfill flow
    Higher standoff for good Reliability test result
    Better electrical performance (Good EM) and thermal fatigue performance (life time than solder bump), higher elastic modulus (stress during attach process)
    Lower cost and good reliability performance between mostly interconnection technologies such as micro solder ball, Au stud bump adhesive bonding… etc.