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Community Engagement

ASEH seeks not only to create economic value but also to develop alongside local communities in the global locations we operate in. We hope community engagement activities will lead to value system and idea exchanges with the people in the local communities, allowing them to better understand ASEH's philosophy in sustainable operations and for ASEH to maximize positive benefits for our operations. As part of our effort to continuously create economic value and simultaneously cultivate corporate values, we are committed to incorporating community resources and grow together with local communities. Through the ASE Charitable Foundation, we focused resources on "Community Development", "Charitable Care", and "Emergency Care and Assistance" programs. In 2019, we contributed over US$1.1 million for community engagement activities. We provided afterschool care for 143 students and financial assistance to 788 students from disadvantaged families, and made donations to 55 charities.

Afterschool care for disadvantaged household students

Financial aid for disadvantaged households students

Senior Citizens Learning

In view of a rapidly aging population in Taiwan, ASEH, together with the Chang Yao Hong-Ying Social Welfare & Charity Foundation, the ASE Cultural & Educational Foundation and Fo Guang University, has jointly initiated a charity program to look after the welfare of the elderly. The program includes a professional course offered by the Fo Guang University Department of Future Studies and LOHAS Industry that incorporates Chunghwa Telecom’s Personal Health Record cloud platform. It was designed with a focus on providing a range of intelligent senior care services to ensure a happy and active lifestyle. In 2019, two classes were offered to 180 senior citizens at ASE’s Chungli Facility and USI’s Taiwan Facility.

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