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Environmental Conservation

In 2014, ASEH committed to a 30-year contribution of at least NT$100 million per year, for environmental conservation efforts in Taiwan. For the year 2019, NT$ 100 million was disbursed through the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation, to support key environmental programs including environmental education, environmental improvements, climate change mitigation and environmental arts. ASEH has also been collaborating with the Chang Yao Hong-Ying Social Welfare & Charity Foundation on social and environmental programs in Taiwan, and reports its achievements annually through a media conference. We carried out 74 charity projects in 2019. For more information on our major achievements, please refer to the ASE Everywhere section.

Distribution by 2019 ECF Programs

Campus LED Project

The ASE Cultural & Educational Foundation has been implementing its energy-saving, carbon-reducing Campus LED Project since 2014. The project provides resources to install energy saving LED tube lights and light bulbs, that also improve lighting conditions, for elementary and junior high schools in rural areas and nearby communities. The foundation has currently installed approximately 76,000 LED tube lights at 67 schools in Nantou and Kaohsiung, and is expected to complete installation at over 100 schools by 2025.

2019 Accomplishments of ECF Programs

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