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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

ASEH's Group Chief Administration Officer was appointed as the chief corporate governance officer through a resolution passed at the Board Meeting on June 21, 2019. In addition to the inherent duties of the position, he is also responsible for supporting the Board on legal compliance matters and supervising legal compliance at all subsidiaries. The corporate legal department cooperates with all subsidiaries to establish standards to identify legal compliance. The corporate legal department is also responsible for the timely updating of regulatory requirements and ensuring effective management of high risks issues through identification of potential risk impacts by each subsidiary. In parallel, relevant departments are required to participate in public regulatory hearings held by government agencies and provide feedback on legislative drafts if necessary, so as to gain early insight into legislative trends and priorities.

ASEH continued to improve its internal environmental protection and occupational safety legal compliance audits in 2019. We also place emphasis on legal compliance issues faced by the technology industry in relation to trade secret protection and the handling of labor incidents, as well as on the management of regulatory compliance with major legislative acts such as the Labor Incident Act and the Trade Secrets Act and import and export regulations and prohibitions. Through systematic implementation, the revision of internal regulations, and employee training and communication, ASEH has improved legal awareness among its employees and those of its subsidiaries.

In 2019, ASEH continued to comply with the Company Act, Fair Trade Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other major laws and regulations governing corporate governance in publicly listed companies in Taiwan. We have not violated any of the aforementioned laws and regulations and shall continue to pursue a perfect record in legal compliance for all of our business activities.

Regulatory Compliance Process

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