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Waste Management

Waste Generation and Recycling

ASEH adopts source reduction measures and prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials to minimize waste generation and reduce environmental pollution. In 2019, we generated 69,795 metric tons of waste, including 41,841 metric tons of general waste (59.9%) and 27,954 metric tons of hazardous waste (40.1%). Non-recyclable business waste in 2019 was 14,948 tons, a decrease of 2,045 tons from 16,993 tons in the previous year. By embracing the concept of a Circular Economy, ASEH was able to improve waste recycling and reuse, resulting in an average recycling rate of 79%, an increase of 4% from 75% last year. The recycling rate of general waste is 93% while hazardous waste is 58%, compared with 90% and 51% in 2018 respectively. Recycled general and hazardous waste amounted to a total volume of 54,847 metric tons. The concept of Circular Economy will continue to drive ASEH’s future expansion plans and deliver benefits in reducing waste and protecting the environment.

2019 Waste Generation and Treatment Amount

Waste Output and Recovery Rate

ASEH adopts ISO 14001 Environmental Management principles and encourages players from different industry segments to collaborate and jointly build a blueprint for resource recycling. The company also leverages external resources and industry-academia collaborations to improve waste management and reduce the emission of pollutants. Programs initiated include waste reduction (sludge drying and volume reduction, in-house processing of high molecular weight organic solutions, reduced use of liquid wipes, reduction in waste from activated carbon desiccant packs, and reduction in alcohol bottle waste through package redesign), reuse (reuse of epoxy molding compounds), and recycling (waste cyclopentanone solvent recycling), that helped save the company US$ 3,581,000 in waste treatment costs.

Waste Output and recovery rate

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