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ASEH Supplier Sustainability Excellence Awards

ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (ASEH) is committed to building closer supplier partnerships, and pursuing a sustainable and responsible supply chain policy to provide high-quality products and services. ASEH created the “Supplier Sustainability Excellence Award" in 2017 to recognize suppliers with outstanding performance in sustainable management.

ASEH was established in 2018 to combine the strengths of its subsidiaries; Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (SPIL) and USI Inc. (USI), to enable new possibilities in the global semiconductor and electronics market. In 2020, ASEH launched a new supplier incentive program and expanded the number of participating suppliers, focusing on the company’s sustainability strategies of "Low Carbon" and "Circular". We encourage our suppliers to propose sustainability partnership plans for selection by ASEH and independent third parties, and selected programs will be funded by the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation for between 1 to 3 years. The incentive programs are created to inspire innovative cooperation models and strengthen connections between supply chain partners. They also include substantive incentives to promote a circular economy and reduce carbon emissions, so as to expand business opportunities and output that will create value and a positive impact for green supply chains.

Participation Rules

1. Qualification

Suppliers of ASEH’s subsidiaries (ASE, SPIL, and USI):

  • Supplier category: Raw material suppliers (direct materials, indirect materials and packaging materials), equipment suppliers, and waste disposal contractors.
  • No material* violation of economic, environmental or social regulations in the past three years.

2. Program Proposal and Category

The supplier files a proposal for a 1 to 3 year cooperation plan for ASEH and independent third parties to conduct the selection process.

Proposal Category:

  • Low Carbon: Renewable energy / energy management / process performance improvement / biofuel / low carbon product design and services, etc.
  • Circular: Waste reuse / product design / process waste reduction improvements, etc.

3. Selection Process

  • Proposal and application acceptance

    Participating suppliers are to submit the ‘ASEH Partnership Project Application Plan’ before the deadline.
    If there are any omissions in the documentation, ASEH shall issue email notices for the applicant to provide a one-time submission of the required documents within 5 days.

  • Preliminary document review

    ASEH shall consider companies whose proposed plan offer greater benefits or positive impacts for each of the "Low Carbon" and "Circular" categories for secondary review. These suppliers will be contacted to submit further documentation for the secondary review.

  • Secondary supplier proposal review

    The secondary review committee shall be composed of members from the management of ASEH and its subsidiaries.
    Selected suppliers are invited to present their proposals to the committee via an online meeting.

  • Final review meeting

    Senior executives of ASEH and external experts shall be invited for the final review to determine the selection based on the proposal application, documentation and secondary presentation.

  • Announcement of results

    ASEH shall announce the results of the selection.

  • Project Tracking and Periodic Review

    During the project implementation period, ASEH shall entrust independent third parties to conduct regular reviews/company visits to monitor and track the progress.

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