Low-Carbon Transformation and Sphere of Influence

ASEH is highly committed to net zero carbon emission and climate change mitigation through meaningful actions and programs including the research and development of low-carbon energy sources, smart grid and high-tech management systems. As of 2020, 11 of ASEH’s plants worldwide purchased 100% of its electricity from renewable sources with REC certifications, accounting for 18% of all energy consumed by the company. In the same year, we implemented over 300 carbon emissions reduction projects, resulting in a 38% decrease in total greenhouse gas emissions compared with the base year 2015. Social responsibility begins at home, and ASEH hopes to extend its influence globally by sharing our experience and technologies with the entire industry chain and society at large. In 2020, the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation rolled out a program to deploy smart grid technologies in rural schools that include the installation of solar power and energy storage infrastructure, facilitating their transformation into sustainable, low-carbon campuses. We also took the opportunity to introduce environmental education in the school curriculum to raise eco-awareness.