Innovation in Circular Economy and Protection of Marine and Forest Resources

ASEH established the ASE Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. in 2022 as a channel to support the development of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. To step up our employee welfare, we are developing plans to provide long-term care services for our employees’ families, including day care centers and providing home-based services in the vicinity of our Taiwan facilities. In addition to introducing smart recycling with our partners in the industrial parks, to apply optical detection technologies to sort and recycle resources and reduce carbon footprints from waste disposal, we are providing shopping discounts as an incentive for participants to help create a circular business model. We have also organized competitions to encourage innovative solutions to solve environmental issues, reduce carbon emissions, promote circular economy, advocate social welfare, protect the environment and create sustainable value. In 2022, the ASE Environmental Sustainability Foundation established the ‘Guardians of the Ocean’. The ASE team of divers comprising 1164 ASEH employees and volunteers, took part in 54 ocean cleanup and 31 beach cleanup events, removing a total of 5 metric tons of garbage from beaches and the ocean floor. In that year, 45 new divers were trained to join the clean-up campaign. Finally, to address the impacts of global warming, the ASE Environmental Sustainability Foundation joined hands with the Nantou Forest District Office and elementary school teachers and students to plant trees on Earth day, April 2022. By the end of 2022, ASEH’s forestation project has helped plant more than 200,000 trees across 197.26 hectares of land. We hope to establish and promote greater public awareness on social responsibility and inclusivity, and encourage social participation through diverse and multi- dimensional community projects.