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Intellectual Property Management Plan

Intellectual Property Management Policy and Goals

To remain a world-leading technology provider, ASE shall continuously focus on research, development and innovation; formulate an intellectual property (“IP) strategy in alignment with its operation and R&D strategies; establish a set of operating model which can effectively utilize the IP rights ASE owns to promote various business interests, so as to not only appropriately protect R&D results and enhance the company's competitiveness, but also to ensure the freedom of operation of ASE and maximize shareholder benefits.

Intellectual Property Management System

To ensure the effective implementation of ASE’s IP policy and goals, the company draws up innovative programs in accordance with its business blueprint and prevailing laws and regulations, as well as continuously strengthen its IP management system. ASE’s comprehensive IP management ensures that the company’s R&D efforts and results are well protected and developed into IP rights. The company continues to integrate and utilize its high value IP portfolio to promote various business interests that further improve its competitiveness and strengthen its defense capabilities.

IP Risk Management

ASE’s success is driven by its continuous quest for innovation and the strengthening of its IP management. To protect its proprietary technologies, trade secrets and patents from theft, misappropriation or infringement, the company has strengthened employees’ IP awareness as well as ensured the inclusion of IP protection measures at work. In addition to regular IP related online and classroom courses, various types of exercises are also conducted to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills on IP protection. The company has established stringent controls in its IT and email systems, and within its facilities, to strengthen security management and mitigate the risk of information leakage. In case of any risk exposures in IP misappropriation or infringement, ASE has in place a robust response mechanism and standard operating procedure to promptly investigate and where appropriate, enforce legal actions to prevent IP misappropriation or infringement by others, so as to protect the company’s IP rights.

ASE respects the legitimate IP rights of others. However, to the extent that the technology is developed independently by ASE or that ASE does not have prior knowledge, it may be uncertain as to whether there may be any potential conflict with others’ IP. To a certain extent, ASE may consider to rely on third party technology and patent licenses. If the technology license cannot be granted due to unacceptable terms and conditions, ASE may be exposed to third party claims for infringement, damages incurred, or the risk of an injunction order. The company may also face customer requests and claims for ASE’s contractual obligations to indemnify for the damages suffered by the customer due to third-party claim for infringement. Therefore, the company will strategically obtain the necessary licenses for specific technologies, and at the same time, the company collects high-quality patents that could be utilized for defense against litigation or cross-licensing, so as to ensure the freedom of operation.

Implementation status

ASE’s patent portfolios comprise a variety of technologies related to semiconductor packaging and testing, and electronics manufacturing. As of January 31, 2020, ASE has a total of 5,707 patents, of which 2,440 were granted in Taiwan, 1,689 were granted in the U.S., 1,545 were granted in PRC and 33 were granted in other countries. There are a total of 1,473 pending patent applications, including 154 in Taiwan, 503 in the U.S., 786 in PRC and 30 in other countries.

ASE has applied and registered several trademarks in Taiwan, the United States, China and the EU which include “ASE”, “aCSP”, “ a-EASI”, “a-fcCSP”, “aQFN”, “a-QFN”, “a-S³”, “a-TiV”, “aWLP”, “a-WLP”, “iSiP”, “iWLP”, “aSiM”, “SiP-id”, “SPIL”, “”, “環電”, “”, “環旭”, “环旭”, “環鴻”, “环鸿”, “HSiP”, “”, “”, “”, “XnBay”, “Emerald” and “”.
The above are registered trademarks in Taiwan.

At least once a year, the ASE management team reports to the Board of Directors on the progress of the IP management plan and implementation, and sets forth improvement measures based on the Board’s recommendations. The most recent reporting date is October 15, 2020.

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