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Green Facility

All ASEH's production facilities worldwide have received ISO 14001*, ISO 14064-1 and IECQ HSPM QC 080000 certifications. There are 14 facilities (56% of all facilities) that have obtained ISO 50001 certification. ASE's Kaohsiung facility has also implemented ISO 14067, ISO 14046 and ISO 14045 standards to better manage the product life cycle's carbon emissions, water consumption and eco-efficiency.

Environmental Management System and Certification

ISO14001 Environment Management System IECQ HSPM QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Emission*
Scope: 100% Scope: 100%, excluding ISE Labs* Scope: 100%
ISO 50001 Energy Management System ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint ISO 14046 Water Footprint
Scope: ASE Kaohsiung, Chungli; USI Taiwan, Zhangjiang, Jinqiao, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Mexico; SPIL Dafong, Chungshan, Hsinchu, Changhua, Zhongke and Suzhou Product & service types:
Leadframe, BGA, Chip Scale Package (CSP), Flip Chip, Bumping, Substrate and testing / Scope: ASE Kaohsiung
4Gdual-bandcommunicationsmodule, Scope: USI Zhangjiang
XnBay smart server, Scope: USI Shenzhen
Scope: ASE Kaohsiung
ISO 14045 Product Eco-efficiency ISO 14051 Material Flow Cost Accounting
Product types: Leadframe, BGA, Chip Scale Package(CSP), Flip Chip, Bumping and Substrate / Scope: ASE Kaohsiung Product type: USB-C Dock G4/Scope: USI Taiwan
Product type: Flip Chip/Scope: ASE Kaohsiung


Air Emissions Control

Air pollutant emissions in 2019 include 208 tons of VOCs*, 9.5 tons of SOx*, 27.3 tons of NOx*, 10.6 tons of particulate matter*, and 0 tons of ozone-depleting substances*. ASEH reported slightly higher emissions (4 metric tons, an increase of 2%) of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in 2019, mainly due to the increased production volume.

ASEH uses various techniques to manage and control emissions from the manufacturing process including wet scrubbers, activated carbon adsorption equipment, condensation equipment, chemical scrubbing, biological scrubbing, UV light, zeolite concentration rotor incineration system.

In addition to the existing infrastructure for meeting future expansion, we plan to enhance the following scopes in our gas emission management plan.

  • Adopt materials with low/no VOC content to replace existing ones with high VOC concentration.
  • Continue to equip facilities with high-efficiency processing equipment (such as the zeolite concentration rotor incineration system, active carbon adsorption equipment, etc.).
  • Optimization of biological treatment systems via collaborative studies on the biological treatment efficiency of air pollutants and academic analysis of microbial composition and treatment efficiency.
  • Adopt sealed negative-pressure design to improve gas collection efficiency and collect pollutants from stationary sources.

Low Carbon Buildings and Green Factories

Increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions from buildings are critical in slowing down climate change. As part of ASEH’s green building initiatives, the company had already begun to transform existing factories and offices, and build new ones that conform to green building standards. In keeping with ASEH’s commitment to low-carbon manufacturing, we are transitioning green factories into low-carbon buildings by introducing the ‘carbon footprint of buildings’ concept in 2015, in which the carbon emissions of buildings were quantified and analyzed throughout their lifecycle to drive carbon reductions from the design stage.

In 2019, ASE K24 became the first ever semiconductor packaging plant to receive a low-carbon building certification. Going forward, ASEH is in a leadership position to work together with industry partners to build sustainable industrial parks. In addition to more investments in low-carbon buildings, ASEH is also evaluating clean manufacturing as an integral part of ‘green factory’ certification and we aim to have all of our new facilities duly certified in future.

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