Corporate Citizenship

ASEH actively participates in charity campaigns, educational projects and social work by optimizing resources in the best possible way and continuing to expand the sphere of positive influence.


As a leading enterprise in the global semiconductor industry, ASEH is fulfilling corporate citizenship by engaging with local communities, environmental NGOs, and stakeholders in the industry, government and academic sectors. The company seeks to establish mutually trusting long-term partnerships and invest in resources to promote overall social development and value creation. Externally, we are initiating sustainable development in core business areas to strengthen the value of our sustainable innovations that will result in employee cohesiveness, and higher stakeholder confidence.

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    2014 ~ 2020 Environment Conservation Fund(ECF) Programs

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    2020 Community Engagement

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    2020 Industry-Academia Collaboration

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    2014 ~ 2020 LED Lamps Installation

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    2014 ~ 2020 Tree Planting

Social Involvement

Implement programmes to support higher education and access to free, equitable, and inclusive primary and secondary education

2020 Performance

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    Number of students attending semiconductor course

    169 students attended semiconductor courses

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    Number of disadvantaged students attending after school program

    316 disadvantaged students in the community attended after school program

Social Involvement

Drive economic growth and productivity by investing in R&D, upgrading skills, and supporting growing businesses, in a way that is compatible with sustainable development

2020 Performance

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    Number of innovative industry-academia collaboration projects

    74 innovative industry-academia collaboration projects

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    Number of legislative or sustainability initiatives

    4 legislative initiatives for issues related to the semiconductor industry

Social Involvement

Promote climate conscious behavior and build capacity for climate action

2020 Performance

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    Number of industry-academia collaboration projects on environmental technology

    10 industry-academia collaboration projects on environmental technology

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    Number of energy-saving LED tube lights installed and number of schools with LED tube lights installed

    15,000 LED light tubes installed at 25 schools

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    Total area planted with trees (global)

    18 hectares planted with trees