Sustainability Governance

ASEH commits to constructing sound corporate governance, conducting business ethically and complying with all laws and applicable regulations where we operate.


ASEH strives to establish an organizational culture of integrity and accountability, maintain high standards of ethics, effective corporate governance and accountability mechanisms in every aspect of its business, as well as conduct business based on the principle of social responsibility and business ethics to serve both the company's and shareholders' long-term interests.

We drive sustainability through proper management of opportunities and risks, aligning business models with stakeholders, and adjust the direction and goals of sustainable development accordingly.

Corporate Sustainability Policy

As the leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test services and a major consolidator of systems and converging technologies...


Sustainability Strategies

Strategy-setting is the key to achieving long-term sustainability targets that tackle global climate challenges, uncertainties in the energy...


Organization and Structure

The Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSC) was formed by the company to serve as the highest level of authority in the planning and...


Business Conduct and Ethics

ASE believes that corproate sustainable development is vital to ASE’s long-term strategies and success. To help ASE practice good...


Human Rights Management

ASEH and its subsidiaries are committed to safeguarding the human rights of employees and value chain partners (including customers..


Regulatory Compliance

We conduct all our business activities in strict compliance with relevant laws. To ensure legal compliance, ASEH maintains regular...


Risk Management

The ability to discover internal and external operational risks in advance, and to properly assess and process these risks, is...


Succession Planning

Succession planning is a key element of business sustainability. The establishment of an effective training program to cultivate...


Information Security Management

Rapid adoption of digital technologies at ASEH is driving an increased need to strengthen the protection of information assets. To that end...


Intellectual Property Management

To remain a world-leading technology provider, ASE shall continuously focus on research, development and innovation; formulate an...