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USI Taiwan Received 15th Art and Business Award Silver

The 15th Art and Business Award presented ten categories in January. USI Taiwan is pleased to receive the Silver and Special Long-term Sponsorship Award. Since 2005, the company has invested resources in supporting arts and culture activities and expects society and employees to have more opportunities to experience the works of art. Through participating in activities, people will develop creative thinking and practice it on working or living.


USI believes that technology can improve the quality of life, arts and culture can enrich spirituality. Cloud Gate Dance Theater presents the beauty of dance and the contagious power of life and culture through dance. By supporting the performances of the Cloud Gate Cultural Arts Foundation, USI encourages employees and their families to participate in arts and cultural activities together, cultivating artistic literacy and accumulating creative energy. 

For more than a decade, USI Taiwan has sponsored the annual tour of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and the Taiwanese Opera performances of the Ming Hua Yuan. Meanwhile, we have also supported the Chinese Literary Prize for Global Youth and the establishment of the Taiwan Reading and Culture Foundation – Philanthropic Library to encourage students to read and create and broaden their horizons.

USI expects the creation of an aesthetically pleasing society by bringing together the passions of art and business.

Art and Business Award
This biennial award is organized and presented by the Ministry of Culture. The purpose is to express appreciation and recognition to enterprises, organizations and individuals who support or make contributions to the maintenance and promotion of Taiwan’s art and culture.