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ASEH named on 2021 TCSA Benchmark of Sustainable Manufacturing Companies


ASE Technology Holding Co is pleased to be a recipient of the 2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy. This year was a TCSA record with nearly 300 companies participating in the award’s history. ASEH was recognized in eight award categories comprising of the Top 10 Taiwanese Companies – Sustainability Model award (Manufacturing Industry), Innovative Growth award, Supply Chain Management award, Social Inclusion award, Climate Leadership award, Circular Economy Leadership award, platinum award for the Corporate Sustainability Report and gold award for the GCSA English Report.

Embedding a Strong ESG Culture

ASEH’s corporate sustainability is based on the company’s strong commitment to its four key strategies of low‑carbon, circular economy, social inclusion and value co-creation that enhance the company’s core competencies. ASEH actively promotes an ESG culture that emphasizes public participation and environmental protection across its 25 facilities around the globe.

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

ASEH has also formulated a robust supply chain management system to drive growth in supplier sustainability. Beginning this year,  ASEH established a Supplier Sustainability award category whereby suppliers are requested to submit proposals for sustainability project collaboration, that will be reviewed and appraised by an independent third party. The winning projects will be funded by the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation. The award aims to drive innovation in collaborative models, and promote a low carbon and circular economy that will result in strong partnerships, supply chain resilience and responsible procurement.

Applying our Technology for Sustainability and Social Good

ASEH continues to direct its resources to explore energy conservation, lower carbon emissions and conserve the ecological environment. The company also applies its technologies for good through active involvement with local communities, welfare organizations, as well as the public, private and academic sectors. This year, ASEH collaborated with the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation to incorporate energy management, improve energy efficiency, promote aquaponics, food and farming education, and utilize renewable energy at various schools. ASEH also offered after-school programs to underprivileged students and assisted rural communities to establish smart microgrids and promote education for sustainability. Over the years, ASEH’s actions have resulted in trusting and long-term partnerships with the community, and the company will continue to actively channel resources to drive social development and create positive social values.

While ASEH continues to receive domestic and international recognition for its achievements in sustainability, effective stakeholder communication, and consistent business performance, the company has also taken the opportunity to challenge and improve itself. ASEH remains committed to giving back to society by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, directing  resources into sustainable development, and exercising a positive influence on society.