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ASE Reforestation Project – Planting 100,000 Trees

Last year, we adopted forest lands in the Nantou, Hsinchu and Taitung districts for reforestation. This year, we continue to expand our efforts by adopting additional reforestation areas totaling 14.69 hectares from the Nantou and Pingtung Forest District Offices. We are planning to plant 31,723 tree seedlings to reach our goal of 100,000 trees.

Deforestation harms the environment and destroys biodiversity. ASEH has embarked on a tree planting movement to help with the reforestation of Taiwan’s landscapes. Tree planting is vital in our fight against climate change as trees are natural carbon storage machines. Planting more trees also help restore the biodiversity of the forests, and prevent soil erosion, thereby reducing social costs associated with natural disasters.

ASEH is currently collaborating with academic institutions to research and establish methodologies for forest carbon sequestration. In the future, we will plan to assist farmers in carbon certification and encourage them to engage in carbon trading. ‘ASEH’s tree planting movement is elevating the value of forest lands and promoting the pathway to net zero,’ says Du-Tsuen Uang, the Chief Administration Officer of ASEH and Executive Director of ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation. ‘ASEH is committed to keep planting saplings to cover the hills and mountains of Taiwan for generations to come,’ he continued.

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