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ASE Kaohsiung was selected as the Global Lighthouse Factory by the World Economic Forum

ASE Semiconductor (a subsidiary of ASE Investment Holdings) announced today (14th) that its advanced wafer-level packaging plant in Kaohsiung has been selected as a Global Lighthouse Factory (GLN) by the World Economic Forum. According to ASE, GLN is a community composed of manufacturing plants and value chains, and its members play a global leadership role in adopting and integrating various advanced technologies of Industry 4.0. ASE Kaohsiung advanced wafer-level packaging plant was selected as the lighthouse factory of the World Economic Forum. There are 18 factories so far this year, and a total of 132 index companies have been selected for GLN.

Regarding the selection of the Global Lighthouse Factory (GLN) by the World Economic Forum, Wang SF, Senior Vice President of ASE Kaohsiung, said: “We are very honored to join the ranks of 132 leading companies in the global lighthouse factory. In ASE, we will enhance our competitiveness and grasp Opportunities in multiple fields are the core of our pursuit of manufacturing excellence. As a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor industry, we take the lead in formulating a blueprint for smart manufacturing, optimizing and optimizing the application of chemical industry 4.0 technology. We hope to inspire more industry partners to participate in the construction of resilient The global smart manufacturing industry, accelerating digital transformation!”