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An interview with ASEH’s Chief Administration Officer on ESG Management

In a recent interview with ‘Manager Today’, Dtuang W, ASEH’s CAO, discussed the company’s ESG approaches in light of the recent power outage across Taiwan. Back in August 2017, two of ASEH’s factories in Kaohsiung were impacted by a huge power outage, costing the company over NTD9 million. The incident had led to ASEH’s decision to adopt smart grid technology, which allows quicker restoration of electricity after power disturbances.
Today, ASEH is not only using smart grid in its business operations but is also helping the community to develop more efficient solutions to improve electricity supply. In early 2021, ASEH helped the Shanlin Junior High School in Kaohsiung to apply the smart grid technology. Because of its remote location, the school often experiences unstable power supply. Besides the smart grid, ASEH has also developed batteries powered by solar energy to generate electricity. The school is now able to enjoy uninterruptible power supply and will no longer need to completely rely on Taipower’s network for electricity. For more information.