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ASE and the Luodong Forestry Bureau launches the Pinglin District Reforestation Project

13,000 cleyera japonica, taiwania, cunninghamia and acacia trees will be planted over 3 years through the project

As part of the ASE Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the company joined hands with the ASE Cultural & Educational Foundation and the Luodong Forestry Bureau to plant trees along the hills of the Taipei-Yilan Boundary Park. We will also be donating NTD2.6 million to the Luodong Forestry Bureau Agricultural Commission over a 3-year period to adopt approximately 12 hectares of state-owned forest land and plant 13,700 tree seedlings. We are advancing sustainable outcomes through our actions and will continue to execute meaningful programs such as the restoration of forests and natural resources to protect the environment. For more information.