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ASE Technology Holding 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Now Available On-line

ASEH continues to advance its corporate sustainability through four strategic pillars – Low Carbon, Circular, Inclusive and Collaborative directions and formulate innovative business models and best practices in key areas such as Low-Carbon Transformation and Sphere of Influence, Smart Factory and Automation, Bottom-up Profit Sharing Scheme and Supply Chain Management. It is the company’s responsibility to sow the seeds of a sustainability value and culture that will contribute to positive social and environmental impacts. 

Low-Carbon Transformation and Sphere of Influence

ASEH is highly committed to net zero carbon emission and climate change mitigation through meaningful actions and programs including the research and development of low-carbon energy sources, smart grid and high-tech management systems. As of 2020, 11 of ASEH’s plants worldwide purchased 100% of its electricity from renewable sources with REC certifications, accounting for 18% of all energy consumed by the company. Social responsibility begins at home, and ASEH hopes to extend its influence globally by sharing our experience and technologies with the entire industry chain and society at large. In 2020, the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation rolled out a program to deploy smart grid technologies in rural schools that include the installation of solar power and energy storage infrastructure, facilitating their transformation into sustainable, low-carbon campuses. We also took the opportunity to introduce environmental education in the school curriculum to raise eco-awareness.

Smart Factory and Automation

ASEH focused on automation, heterogeneous machine integration and heterogenous system-in-package integration to drive smart factory deployment and digital transformation. Our strong foundation in automation coupled with the successful integration of upstream and downstream partners in the use of digital technologies have resulted in greater customer trust. In 2020 alone, we completed 18 smart factories, trained over 500 automation engineers and executed more than 45 industry-academia projects. We hope to lead the change in the acceleration of digital transformation and to enable assembly and test technologies to play a key role in achieving ‘more than Moore’.

Bottom-up Profit Sharing Scheme

ASEH established a monthly, bottom-up profit-sharing scheme that fosters a unique empowerment and communication culture, organization agility and employee participation in the company’s growth journey. The scheme encourages greater employee identification with company goals and increases the sense of belonging that result in the creation of a motivated, dynamic and agile workforce with unlimited growth potential.

Supply Chain Management

To build a tight-knit supply chain and encourage suppliers to invest in sustainable management, ASEH began presenting the Supplier Sustainability Excellence Awards in 2017 to commend suppliers with outstanding performances in sustainability. In 2020, we augmented the award with a new incentive program where suppliers were encouraged to submit proposals for sustainability collaboration of between 1–3 years in duration. The objective of the awards is to help ASEH cultivate a sustainable supply chain and the costs of the program will be sponsored by the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation. We hope that such collaborations would enhance the industry’s positive influence and encourage more suppliers to take an active stance on sustainable behavior and help build a sustainable future for the semiconductor industry.

Looking Ahead

For the fifth consecutive year, we have been named the Industry Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices – Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment. As we continue to gain insights into global sustainability trends and challenges, we are simultaneously driving all business units towards implementing ESG action plans in support of our Integration, Expansion and Innovation strategy. We remain committed to leading the charge in improving the quality of life in a smart world, and creating a better future for all.

For more details on how we are driving positive change and sustainable development in green transformation, responsible procurement, inclusive workplace, and corporate citizenship, please refer to our 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report.

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