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ASE Chairman Jason Chang receives honorary doctorate from National Cheng Kung University

Kaohsiung, Taiwan. July 20, 2022. ASE Technology Holding Co Ltd (TWSE: 3711, NYSE: ASX) announced today that the National Cheng Kung University has bestowed an honorary doctorate on Jason Chang, Chairman and CEO, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

Jason graduated from the National Taiwan University with a degree in electronics engineering and went on to gain a Master of Science in industrial engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

During the early 1980s, Jason foresaw opportunity to root Taiwan as a global IC manufacturing hub, given the disaggregation of electronic manufacturing processes and the rise of the fabless business model. His perceptive entrepreneurship and prescient knowledge of the market led him to establish Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc, an outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) provider, in 1984. The early years were particularly challenging as the company lacked the technology and resources to support semiconductor customers’ chip requirements. Regardless, Jason made bold capital investments, aggressively expanded operations in Taiwan, and dedicated resources to research and develop advanced IC packaging solutions in anticipation of market demands. Today, ASE plays a critical role in the global semiconductor supply chain, providing advanced packaging and test services to the world’s largest tech companies. ASE is also a leader in heterogeneous integration, a key technology driver to integrate more chips into a package or module system and deliver superior performance, speed, and efficiency.

Jason is a strong advocate of industry-academia collaboration, as he believes that these partnerships promote innovation and develop essential engineering talent for the industry. Since 2012, ASE and NCKU has embarked on collaborative initiatives focusing on the research and development of IC packaging, automation, and environmental technologies. Besides technology partnerships, ASE also provides scholarships to students as well as support to university professors in their research and development of packaging technologies. NCKU has played a pivotal role in developing talent that contributed to the phenomenal growth of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and economic prosperity. To that end, ASE will continue its close relationship with the university to spur innovation and nurture high caliber engineering talent.

Today’s award is recognition of Jason’s strategic vision, perseverance, and meticulous execution that has enabled ASE to become an influential industry player and more importantly, a role model in corporate responsibility. Under Jason’s leadership, ASE has been on the leaderboard of the Semiconductors and Semi Equipment segment on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 6 consecutive years (2016-2021) as well as an active member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The company’s focus on ESG principles will continue to form the basis of the organizational culture at all ASE sites worldwide.

About National Cheng Kung University

Rated amongst the top universities in Taiwan, the National Cheng Kung University offers a borderless learning environment for students in its campuses, attracting numerous distinguished visitors around the world to explore the world of knowledge in its luxuriant campuses. NCKU occupies a total of more than 180 hectares of land, which tops many other universities in Taiwan. NCKU’s school spirit of ‘pristine practicality’ has been cultivated under the influence of Tainan City’s classical culture and NCKU’s school motto of ‘intellectual development through relentless exploration in knowledge’. While members of NCKU are well-integrated with one another, they also work independently. Patrons at NCKU can enjoy the boundlessly abundant learning resources. For more information, visit https://www.ncku.edu.tw/

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ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly, test, materials and design manufacturing. As a global leader geared towards meeting the industry’s ever growing needs for faster, smaller and higher performance chips, ASE Technology Holding develops and offers a wide portfolio of technology and solutions including IC test program design, front-end engineering test, wafer probe, wafer bump, substrate design and supply, wafer level package, flip chip, system-in-package, final test and electronic manufacturing services.  For more information about ASE Technology Holding, please visit www.aseglobal.com