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World Ocean Day – Protecting the Beautiful Seas surrounding Taiwan

On June 8, World Ocean Day, the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation, in collaboration with the National Police Agency, organized a beach and marine litter clean up activity along the shorelines of Taiwan. There were a total of 600 participants from the public and several organizations including Hung Ching Development and Construction, Fulong Elementary School, Fulian Primary School, and professional and amateur divers from all over Taiwan. We also invited our supply partners – Da Feng Recycling Company (plastic recycling) and Foxwell Power (green energy), as well as our university-industry collaboration partner – Ming Chuan University. Such activities are part of ASEH’s integrated efforts to safeguard the ecological environment and marine ecosystems of the Earth. Charity begins at home, and our team in Taiwan will continue to take the leadership in the environmental protection of Taiwan’s land and seas.

ASEH thrives on the four key pillars of our sustainability missions – Low Carbon, Circular, Social Inclusion, and Value Co-creation. Of which, our continued focus on environmental public welfare has led us to create the ASE Environmental Scuba Diving Team in 2021 to protect Taiwan’s marine ecology. This year, the scope of marine cleanup was expanded to seven other locations from Fulong, Longdong, Kenting, to the islands of Penghu, Xiao Liuqiu, Green Island, and Orchid Island. This World Ocean Day, ASEH is paying tribute to the oceans that sustain humanity and reaffirming our determination to protect the marine environment.

For more Chinese information, please visit: https://udn.com/news/story/7240/7221635