ASE Technology Holdings Honored with the TCSA Top 10 Taiwanese Sustainable Manufacturing Companies Award for 2023

November 15, 2023

This year, ASE Technology Holdings (ASEH) achieved a significant milestone by clinching the prestigious Top 10 Taiwanese Sustainable Manufacturing Companies Award at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). This accolade serves as a testament to the company’s steadfast commitment to advancing and investing in sustainable business practices.

ASEH garnered recognition across diverse categories, underscoring its multifaceted contributions to sustainability. These accolades encompass the Social Inclusion Leadership Award, Climate Leadership Award, Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Award, Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award, Talent Development Leadership Award, and the Corporate Sustainability Reports Platinum Award. Further solidifying its global standing, the company earned the Sustainability Reporting Silver Award at the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA).

ASEH exemplified its commitment to translating United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into tangible initiatives, securing three Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA). These include the prestigious Ten-Year Taiwan Ocean Protection Plan Gold Award (SDG 14), the Digital Transformation and Sustainable Manufacturing Gold Award (SDG 9), and the Circular Economy and Sustainable Manufacturing Gold Award (SDG 12).

Beyond its environmental and social recognitions, ASEH also earned a Bronze Award from the Taiwan Biodiversity Awards (TWBA) for its notable contributions to biodiversity conservation and restoration. The company further solidified its position as a socially responsible entity by securing a spot among the top 100 corporations in the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award presented by CommonWealth Magazine. ASEH also clinched the Rookie Award for Large Enterprises and the Family-Friendly Workplace Award.

In total, ASEH proudly achieved 15 domestic awards in 2023, attesting to its outstanding achievements and commitment to sustainability across various dimensions.

Dtuang Wang, Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of ASEH, emphasized ASEH’s steadfast commitment to attaining Net Zero 2050. ASEH actively translates this commitment into actions through the implementation of four pivotal sustainable development strategies: low carbon emissions, recycling, social integration, and value co-creation. These strategies not only enhance the company’s fundamental capabilities for sustainable development but also align seamlessly with the SBTi Net Zero initiative.

In bolstering its sustainability initiatives, ASEH has incorporated internal carbon pricing mechanisms and implemented five key policies. These policies include carbon credit investments, renewable energy adoption, low-carbon transportation practices, production of low-carbon products, and supplier engagement. Moving forward, ASEH remains steadfast in its commitment to fortify sustainable development efforts, thereby exemplifying the company’s corporate sustainability values.

In a significant stride towards digital transformation in manufacturing, ASE established the world’s first 5G mmWave smart IC packaging facility in Kaohsiung. In the same year, ASE’s wafer bumping facility was inducted into the esteemed World Economic Forum Global Lighthouse Network (WEF GLN). Complementing these facility upgrades, ASEH has also launched its sustainable supply chain development project and established the Annual Sustainability Forum. ASEH also organizes the ASEH Supplier Sustainability Awards, guiding its suppliers through carbon reduction certification processes. This initiative is designed to incentivize suppliers, encouraging them to fortify their commitment to both circular economy principles and carbon reduction, thereby propelling sustainable supply chain growth and fostering a global sustainable supply chain.

As a part of its commitment to fostering talent, ASEH has implemented a dynamic monetary incentive program, providing competitive wages and comprehensive employee benefits. The overarching objective is to cultivate an employee-friendly workplace that is diverse, equal, and inclusive.

ASEH provides benefits that exceed industry standards including paid parental leave and parental stipends. ASEH also established daycare centers at its Kaohsiung and ChungLi facilities, offering daycare services aligned with employees’ working hours to facilitate work-life balance. Recognizing the unique needs of working mothers, ASEH introduced the Health Protection Program for Working Mothers to ensure the workplace safety and health of pregnant employees, underscoring the company’s dedication to creating a supportive and healthy work environment. These incentives motivate employees to raise a family and have helped the company to record an 83% retention rate among female employees in 2022.

To realize sustainable economic, environmental, and social practices, ASE Social Enterprise has strategically outlined initiatives, including the establishment of senior daycare centers in close proximity to its facilities in Taiwan. These centers provide long-term care services for the senior family members of company employees. In addition, ASE Social Enterprise aims to promote a circular economy within its facilities by installing smart recycling machines within its facilities, fostering collaborative efforts among employees to contribute to sustainable waste management.

ASE Social Enterprise also collaborated with the ASE Cultural & Educational Foundation and the Chang Yao Hong-Ying Social Welfare & Charity Foundation in organizing the Women’s Sustainable Innovation Talent Cultivation Competition and Dream Building Project. This initiative offers a substantial total prize of NT$10 million to encourage and support female entrepreneurship, emphasizing ASEH’s steadfast commitment to gender equality and innovation.

In 2022, the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation achieved two significant milestones. Through its Marine Conservation Project, approximately 350 tons of waste were removed from the shorelines, demonstrating the foundation’s dedication to combating marine pollution. Simultaneously, the foundation planted 100,000 trees in national forests across Taiwan, contributing to reforestation efforts.

Looking ahead, ASEH aims to attain a net positive impact on biodiversity and fulfill its zero-deforestation commitment by 2030. The company is actively involved in ecological park restoration project at its new facility and engages in the conservation of the yellow-margined box turtle. In alignment with the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) initiative, ASEH is committed to biodiversity restoration, fostering a sharing economy, and harnessing its positive influence to drive meaningful social and environmental change.

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