Community Engagement


ASEH is committed to caring for society and aims to facilitate social integration through its four main pillars: Community Development, Charitable Care, Emergency Assistance, and Cultural Development. These pillars promote community building by establishing a two-way communication platform for the local community and the public. Our goal is to ensure uninterrupted communication, enhance community cohesion, create a healthier and better community, and promote sustainable social development.

We partner closely with the ASE Charity Foundation, the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation, and the Chang Yao Hong-Ying Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, to promote community welfare projects that demonstrate respect for social diversity, and support for vulnerable groups. In 2022, we contributed over US$2 million for community engagement activities. We provided afterschool care for 263 students and financial assistance to 9,281 students from disadvantaged families, and made donations to 46 charities. ASEH strives to construct a conducive learning and living environment for all, expanding our influence on society and creating an environment that thrives on coexistence and integration.

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Women's Sustainable Innovation Talent Cultivation Competition and Dream Building Project

To raise the profile of women and to encourage entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation, we established the Women's Sustainable Innovation Talent Cultivation Competition and Dream Building Project. The project focused on supporting business proposals that are forward looking, and centered on technology, sustainability, and inclusivity. Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop innovative technologies to address existing social problems, and promote environmental sustainability. The competition offers a total prize of NT$10 million, drawing a total of 195 teams. After two stages of reviews, evaluations and extensive discussions, 10 teams emerged as winners. The top three teams will receive entrepreneurial subsidies of NT$3 million, NT$2 million, and NT$1 million, respectively. In addition to subsidies, ASEH partnered with Ming Chuan University to establish a “startup incubator” that incorporates the industry-academia resources of both parties. In the next year, ASEH will plan a series of visits to provide guidance and consultation for the winning projects. These follow up activities will provide further support to ensure that the winning teams realize their entrepreneurial dreams to the fullest extent.

Women's Sustainable Innovation Talent Cultivation Competition Winners

Prize Project Director Project Name
1st Place - NT$3 million Lin Tsuei-E Utilizing AI to Create an online service portal for Dementia Prevention
2nd Place - NT$2 million Liao Ti-Han Creating a Circularity in the Mushroom Growing Industry – the Recycling of Agricultural Waste
3rd Place - NT$1 million Lin Yi-Ying Transforming Long-Term Care - ALL IN ONE Homecare Service Promotion Project
Honorable Mention * Chang Yu-chi Development of Edible Straw Products
Honorable Mention Tseng Hui-Hsin The New Green Gold: Application of Innovative Carbon Recycling Membrane Separation Technology in Precision Agriculture
Honorable Mention Chen Hui-Li Circular Economy and Net Zero Carbon Emission Business Model Innovation for Organic Waste Materials
Honorable Mention Hung Ho-Ching Miss Eco: Net Zero and Sustainable Everyday Life Starts with Preventive Medicine and Circular Economy
Honorable Mention Yuan Ching Carbon Membrane Filtration - High-Value Utilization of Carbon Waste Materials Research
Honorable Mention Li Yi-Shan Agricultural Waste Regenerated Sustainable Material PANEX Vegan Leather
Honorable Mention Lin Chiao-Chen Refine LAB Creative Art Experimentation Studio - Sustainable Accessories from Urban Mines
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SPIL Helps to Read with Ears

During the pandemic, SPIL mobilized approximately 300 volunteers from the SPIL Volunteer Club to participate in the creation of the SPIL Story Castle, an initiative to help the blind. They completed the recording of nearly 100 audiobooks and the publishing of braille books, as well as created an online library for the Huei Ming School for Blind Children. SPIL was awarded the 2022 National Sustainable Development Award (Education category) for this initiative.

After receiving training, the volunteers began to record reading materials, narrating new horizons and the world to the blind and people with reading disabilities. This initiative not only helps children develop their listening skills and expand their vocabulary, but also enhances their focus and imagination. Additionally, the initiative addressed the long-standing shortage of braille books in the market by helping with the conversion of braille books. Under the guidance of club advisor Mr. Lu, a skilled storyteller, and in collaboration with the school, books were meticulously selected, graded for recording, typesetting and proofreading. In September 2022, the braille books were successfully included in the teaching curriculum of Huei Ming School. On November 15th, the SPIL Story Castle Audio Book and Braille Book Ceremony was held. The entire project spanned six months and received recognition and positive feedback from the school.


The Rural Technology Education Project

The United Nations believes that increased digital literacy is necessary to alleviate social exclusion in the digital era. Recognizing the technology gap in rural areas, USI launched a new program called Rural Technology Education Project. Since 2018, we have been utilizing technologies to support rural education by donating computer classrooms to rural schools. This initiative aims to improve the teaching environment, enrich teaching resources, and create better educational opportunities for rural students. Through this project, we have built computer classrooms in three schools in Gansu Province and two schools in Qinghai Province.

In 2022, we further constructed three computer classrooms in Henan and Gansu, and donated 197 computers. The upgraded and optimized facilities and equipment also helped cultivate teaching staff and technology talents in the rural areas. We assisted school teachers in leveraging technology to develop instructional videos and related materials on technology applications, and organize fun competitions to reinforce learning outcomes and improve students' technological literacy. In 2022, a total of 1,573 students benefited from this program, with a cumulative number of beneficiaries reaching 2,444 individuals.


2022 Taiwan Cultural Development Support Project Summary

Project Content Supported Unit Amount (US$)
2022 Kaohsiung New Year's Concert Concert sponsorship. Live broadcast of performances brought joy to people celebrating New Year's Eve together ASE. & ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation 162,707
Chai-Yuan Art and Cultural Foundation performances "Sound and Image: Moments in Motion" performances organized by the Chai-Yuan Art and Cultural Foundation held on October 16th at the Taipei Zhongshan Hall and on November 16th at the New Taipei City Art Center, attracting 1,000 participants ASE. & ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation 3,254
"Focus on the World" by Eastern Media Group Sponsored the production of two environmental episodes, "Searching for Hsiao-Hsiang" and "Deep Blue Melancholy," which were aired on Eastern News Channel in May 2022 ASE. & ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation 65,083
Family fun with kids at the Cinema Organized an outdoor movie event on October 16th, 29th, and 30th, with games and entertainment to promote environmental education and raise environmental awareness amongst children ASE. & ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation 15,034
Cultural Activities by Changhua City Government July 24th: Taiwan Sound and Image Sketch - 2022 Changhua City Chinese Orchestra Concert (Changhua Performance Hall), benefiting 650 people
August 9th: "Taiwan Sound and Image - 2022 Changhua City Chinese Orchestra Concert" (National Taichung Theater), benefiting 855 people
September 24th: Music Grace in Summer: 2022 Changhua City Symphony Orchestra Concert, benefiting 700 people
August 28th: Changhua City Mayor's Cup Senior Citizens Singing Contes
SPIL 32,541
Title Sponsorship of the USI Go League Sponsoring the USI Go team (4 members) at Go competitions USI 45,581
Taiwan Reading Culture Foundation - Love Library Activities and the construction of Co-reading Spaces Promote reading culture by organizing events such as Author Encounters and Parent-Child Co-reading and Fun Magic of Physics and sponsoring the construction of co-reading spaces, benefiting 816 people USI 49,300
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre's Annual Performance and 50th Anniversary Events Sponsored Cloud Gate Dance Theatre's Send in a Cloud Taiwan tour and related events, with a total participation of 9,520 people USI 65,083
40th Global Chinese Literary Prize for Youths Sponsored the event to encourage more students to engage in Chinese literature writing USI 9,762
USI Art Gallery Collaborated with the Chiu-Chiu Fine Arts Association in Caotun Township, Nantou County, to showcase solo and joint exhibitions by artists in the facility corridors, enrich the artistic culture in the facility, and provide a platform for art creators USI 1,562
Ming Hwa Yuan's Public Performances Organized public performances by the Ming Hwa Yuan at Zhongshan Park in Caotun, with a total participation of 2,100 people USI 31,196
Collection of Individual Artworks for the Nantou County Yushan Art Award Supported arts and culture by collecting artworks from local artists, including Promise of the Mountain City by Li Mengchu, Strolling in Colorful Venice by Dai Liying, and Rhythm of the Cello by Chang Chin Chung, displayed in USI meeting rooms for all to enjoy USI 5,532
Total 486,637