Supplier Sustainability Awards


As part of our strategic efforts to build a more sustainable supply chain, we established the Supplier Sustainability Award in 2017, to recognize suppliers with outstanding performance in sustainability.

In 2020, the award program was jointly organized by all three ASEH subsidiaries. In addition, a new supplier incentive program focusing on the company’s low carbon and circular goals was launched, and the number of participating suppliers expanded. The program encourages suppliers to submit sustainability projects of between 1-3 year duration to be reviewed by ASEH and independent third parties. The submitted projects undergo a rigorous selection process based on their duration and efficacy, and selected projects will be funded by the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation. One supplier project for low carbon and two supplier projects for circular were selected eventually.

We are constantly refining our approaches to building a resilient supply chain and strengthening the bond between ASEH and our supply partners. We believe that a creative model with built-in incentives could accelerate the achievement of a circular economy and a low carbon transition that allows ASEH to increase value and capture business opportunities. Recognizing the efforts of our suppliers through the awards will boost their commitment to sustainable development and encourage more suppliers to be proactive in advancing a sustainable future for the semiconductor industry. Going forward, every three years, we will select and fund unique sustainability projects that have the potential to demonstrate a high degree of positive influence and produce beneficial results.


Participation Rules

1. Qualification

Suppliers of ASEH’s subsidiaries (ASE, SPIL, and USI):

  • Supplier category: Raw material suppliers (direct materials, indirect materials and packaging materials), equipment suppliers, and waste disposal contractors.
  • No material * violation of economic, environmental or social regulations in the past three years.

2. Program Proposal and Category

The supplier files a proposal for a 1 to 3 year cooperation plan for ASEH and independent third parties to conduct the selection process.

Proposal Category:

  • Low Carbon: Renewable energy / energy management / process performance improvement / biofuel / low carbon product design and services, etc.
  • Circular: Waste reuse / product design / process waste reduction improvements, etc.

3. Selection Process

pic-supplier-sustainability-excellence-award-2 pic-supplier-sustainability-excellence-award-3 pic-supplier-sustainability-excellence-award-4

First Sustainability Award (2020):