Environmental Conservation


In 2014, ASEH committed to a 30-year contribution of at least NT$100 million per year, for environmental conservation efforts in Taiwan. For the year 2020, NT$ 100 million was disbursed through the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation, to support key environmental programs including environmental education, environmental improvements, climate change mitigation and environmental arts. We carried out 42 charity projects in 2020. For more information on our major achievements, please refer to the ASE Everywhere section.

To fulfill our commitment to environmental protection and environmental issues, and to increase the efficiency in the execution of environmental projects, ASEH established the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation in 2020. The foundation will undertake the responsibility of managing the NT$100 million annual funding for meaningful environmental programs in Taiwan.


2020 Accomplishments of ECF Programs

Programs Major Projects
Environmental Education Promotion
  • Funding for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations on environmental protection issues
  • Research projects associated with environmental technologies
  • Community environmental education projects
  • ‘Smile Taiwan’ creative teaching project competition
  • Environmental education publicity film and microfilm production projects
  • World Ocean Day activity series
Environmental Impact Minimization
  • Campus LED light installation projects
  • Shanlin Junior High School smart microgrid installation project
  • Promotion of the restoration and conservation of yellow-margined box turtles
  • Global corporate sustainability forums
  • Waste reduction research and development projects
Environmental Quality Enhancement
  • Reforestation projects
  • Water environment patrol teams
  • Taoyuan City contact bed and wetland water purification improvement projects
  • Community solar-powered alarm lamp installation projects
  • Medical resource funding
Environmental Arts Promotion
  • “Universe – Realm – Chrysanthemum Island” environmental conservation choir performances
  • Kaohsiung New Year’s eve activity series
  • National Chengchi University marathon
  • Funding for charity performances

Campus LED Installation Projects

The ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation has been helping elementary and junior high schools in rural areas and surrounding ASE plants to replace fluorescent tubes and light bulbs with LED lights since 2014. So far, we have installed 91,000 LED tube lights in 92 schools in the Nantou and Kaohsiung areas. Over the years, the LED projects have helped schools to save 11,347,000 kWh of electricity and reduce 5,980 tons of CO2e. LED lighting has also helped to protect the eyesight of schoolchildren.

pic-environmental-conservation-2 pic-environmental-conservation-3

Shanlin Junior High School Smart Microgrid Installation Project

In 2018, ASE Technology Holding and the ASE Cultural and Education Foundation collaborated on a smart grid research program with the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. A memorandum of understanding was signed in 2019 with Shanlin District, a remote area in Kaohsiung City, to transfer the smart grid technology and help transform Shanlin into a smart city. The smart grid has since been implemented at the Shanlin Junior High School.

Located in a remote area of Kaohsiung City, Shanlin Junior High School has been designated an emergency shelter to accommodate 11,460 people, It also serves as a central kitchen for four neighboring elementary schools, providing school lunches for about 400 students each day. As such, the school was an ideal location for the smart grid. The grid is designed to use 100% renewable energy including solar panels totaling 100kWp and an energy storage device capacity of 90kW, to generate electricity. The smart grid integrates energy generation and energy storage, creating an independent electricity source that also reduces carbon emissions through the use of photovoltaic cells. During the recent outage caused by a power failure at the Hsinta power plant on May 13, 2021, the smart grid was able to supply uninterrupted power at the school by redistributing the power supply. The smart grid also includes a power consumption and smart monitoring system to provide quantified data that facilitate power consumption management and power distribution. The school was able to save 108,590 kWh of electricity and reduce 55 tons of CO2e each year, to become a low-carbon sustainable campus. The school has also incorporated environmental topics including renewable energy and smart grids into the curriculum that will help students to expand their horizons and to explore the connection between daily life and sustainable development.


The Million Tree Planting Project

The Shanghai Roots and Shoots Million Tree Planting Project aims to arouse the public’s environmental awareness, minimize impact on the natural environment, and mitigate climate change that will protect the local community. USI has participated in the project for over 8 years, and has planted 21,040 trees covering 14.14 hectares in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia in 2020. As of the end of 2020, the number of trees planted by USI in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia totaled 85,969, covering an area of 67.2 hectares.