Environmental Conservation


In 2014, we committed to a 30-year contribution of at least NT$100 million per year, for environmental conservation efforts in Taiwan. In 2021, we allocated NT$100 million to the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation for the implementation of environmental protection projects based on the topics of energy conservation and carbon reduction, nature and ecology, environmental education, circular economy, and environmental protection. A total of 32 environmental protection projects were implemented in 2021, the outcomes of which are provided on our website.

Use of Funds in Environmental Conservation


2021 Accomplishments of ECF Programs

Programs Major Projects
Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction
  • National forest adoption and forestation projects
  • Campus LED installation projects
  • Smart grid research projects
  • Junyi School of Innovation energy management project
  • Waste reduction technology R&D projects
Environmental Education
  • Shanlin Junior High School smart microgrid installation project: environmental planning
  • Da-Gang Elementary School aquaponic farming project
  • Funding for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations on environmental protection issues
  • Proposal selection for the ‘Smile Taiwan’ creative teaching project
  • ‘Paradise’ Project on the development of age-friendly sustainable environment education in Taoyuan
  • Community environmental education projects
Environmental Protection
  • Coastal and marine environment maintenance programs
  • Academic research projects on environment-related technologies
  • Installation of solar-powered flashing lights for road safety in communities near Kaohsiung Nanzih Technology Industrial Park
Nature & Ecology
  • Restoration and conservation of yellow-margined box turtles
  • Survey and conservation of protected and endemic species of Taiwan
Circular Economy
  • Supplier Sustainability Award

Campus LED Installation Projects

The ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation continued to promote campus LED light installation projects. By assisting elementary and junior high schools in rural areas and communities surrounding ASE facilities to replace fluorescent tubes and light bulbs with LED lights, the projects help to protect the eyesight of schoolchildren. Since the project was first launched eight years ago, we have installed 108,890 LED tube lights in 109 schools in the Nantou and Kaohsiung areas. Over the years, the LED projects have helped schools to save 10,113,300 kWh* of electricity and reduce 5,060 tons of CO2e. LED lighting also helps to create a well-lit environment, in turn improving teaching quality and at the same time achieving energy conservation and carbon reduction.

pic-environmental-conservation-2 pic-environmental-conservation-3

Da-Gang Elementary School Aquaponic Farming Project

The ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation collaborated with Ming Chuan University to assist Taoyuan Da-Gang Elementary School in building an aquaponic farm and develop a sustainable food production and farming education plan. Located near ASE Chungli, Da-Gang Elementary School is dedicated to being an “urban forest school” and places emphasis on environmental education. The school features an age-friendly learning center to connect the driving forces of community development, which is why it became the pilot school for us to promote aquaponic farming practices.

Aquaponic farming is recognized as a new way of farming that can mitigate extreme climate change and ensure food safety. It is environmentally friendly, water-efficient, safe, and free from toxic substances, and aligns with the U.N. sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2, 6, 13, and 15, making it water positive. Compared with traditional farming practices, aquaponic farming can reduce carbon emission by 80%, demand for land by 83%, and water by 99%. We built basic facilities such as a greenhouse, installed smart grids that ASEH has spent years developing, and set up a smart microgrid system and solar panels in order to build a farm that uses 100% renewable energy. We also assisted Da-Gang Elementary School in designing environmental education courses on aquaponic farming to introduce farming practices and enable schoolchildren to gain different experiences in sustainability education.

Coastal and Marine Environment Maintenance Programs

To protect Taiwan’s marine environment, the ASE Environmental Protection and Sustainability Foundation has donated a total of NT$12 million between 2021 and 2023 to the Taoyuan City Department of Environmental Protection for the carrying out of coastal and marine environment maintenance work. We invited employees to receive scuba diving training, become certified scuba divers, and together form the “ASE Scuba Diving Team for Environmental Protection” to jointly participate in ocean cleanup activities. Our environment maintenance programs are focused on enhancing ocean cleanup capacities, developing monitoring systems, and setting up river trash interception nets, and organizing various types of awareness-raising activities. In order to safeguard the marine environment and resources, our target is to remove 500 metric tons of coastal and marine debris within three years. Although our target in 2021 was to remove 150 metric tons of coastal and marine debris, we actually cleaned up 308 metric tons of debris, surpassing our target by a large margin.