Talent Attraction and Retention


Talent Recruitment

ASEH and its subsidiaries employ a diverse and inclusive recruitment policy that prohibits discrimination against any employee or job applicant on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation. The company is committed to complying with local laws and regulations, upholding its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, protecting and respecting human rights and adhering to the Responsible Business Alliance (“RBA”) Code of Conduct. ASEH forbids the use of child or forced labor. In 2020, ASEH recruited over 35,000 employees. In 2020, the average cost of recruiting an employee was over US$560. Our global and diverse talent recruitment policy has helped us improve the company’s global advantage and competitive capabilities, thus allowing us to meet the market needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. We believe that a workplace culture defined by diversity and inclusion, will allow employees to grow and develop mutual respect, resulting in a genuinely inclusive work environment.


Employee Turnover

The employee turnover rate at ASEH for 2020 was 16.6%, representing a 23% percent decrease from 2019. In terms of job types, production line technicians form the majority with 72.7%, while management, technical and administrative positions formed the remaining 27.3%. Annual analyses on the underlying causes of attrition for different job types so as to make corresponding improvements for employee job satisfaction. Using big data analytics to project employee turnover, identify underlying and correlating factors that affect turnover, extrapolate behavioral factors that contribute to talent attrition, and manage talent retention risks based on scenarios predicted by the data. Meanwhile, for facilities with high turnover among new hires, various actions will be adopted to help employees adapt to their work environment and prevent the depletion of human capital.


Talent Retention

ASEH provides a conducive environment for employees to unleash their full potential to create innovative technologies or to demonstrate effective management skills. The growth of the company is strongly dependent on attracting and retaining talent. Key Retention Strategy are “Highly Competitive Compensation and Benefits”, “Fair and Comprehensive Performance Review”, “Open Communication and a Grievance Mechanism” and “A Multi-faceted Employee Engagement Survey”.

Compensation and Benefit Policy

ASEH provides competitive salaries and remuneration packages that consist of base salary, subsidies, employee cash bonuses and other compensation based on job responsibilities, academic qualifications, work experience and job performance etc. Employee remuneration is not determined based on factors such as gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political stance or gender orientation. In order to attract and retain talent, and reward performing employees, the company has established monthly incentive and annual profit-sharing bonuses. In 2020, ASEH’s employee bonuses amounted to US$374 million, with the accumulated total from 2017 to the end of 2020 reaching US$1,038 million. In addition, employees with outstanding performance are awarded company stock options. The employee stock option program, which has a ten-year validity period from the date of issue, is aimed at retaining outstanding employees.

In support of the government’s parental leave policy and to reduce employees’ burden, ASEH has designed a comprehensive leave management system and ensuring that employees are able to return to the workplace. In 2020, a total of 1,042 ASEH employees applied for unpaid parental leave. Among them, the number of employees that was expected to return is 761 while the number of those who returned is 582, contributing to an employee return rate of 76% and a retention rate as high as 82%.

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Performance Review

ASEH conducts a fair and equal performance appraisal of all employees across the board on a biannual/annually basis. The review involves management by objectives and performance ranking, a multifaceted evaluation, and equipment operator certificate reviews. Employees with poor performance ratings are offered employee counseling on a case-by-case basis by their managers, who are able to make adjustments to their roles and focus on individual performance.

Employee Communication

ASEH values and respects the opinions and rights of its employees. In an effort to promote open and transparent communication, the company has established comprehensive communication channels including unidirectional and bidirectional communication modes. We have also established a labor Unions. As of the end of 2020, the total number of union members was 36,119, accounting for around 41% of all ASEH regular employees.


Employee Engagement Surveys

To understand employees’ level of engagement in the company, since 2017, we have conducted the Employee Engagement Survey once every two years. In 2019, the survey was extended to our three major subsidiaries, encompassing 23 global facilities, and the survey was administered to a total of 67,205 people,82.1% of total employees. Employees’ cooperation in taking the surveys helped us to effectively understand and collect employee feedback retaining and nurturing talent, thereby strengthening the compatibility between employees and the company.