Regulatory Compliance


We conduct all our business activities in strict compliance with relevant laws. To ensure legal compliance, ASEH maintains regular updates on domestic and foreign laws and policies that affect its operations, and prioritizes regulatory compliance at all of its business locations.

ASEH’s Corporate Governance Officer and Regulatory Compliance Department assists board directors with overall regulatory compliance and supervises activities at ASEH’s subsidiaries to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Establishing an inventory, regular updating, identification and compliance reviews of regulations continue to form the core of ASEH’s regulatory compliance program. With the program in place, ASEH was able to ensure continuous and effective compliance as well as apply risk control mechanisms to assess potential risk exposures. ASEH’s subsidiary companies are required to report all incidences of non-compliance that resulted in penalties, without delay. The responsible subsidiary shall propose immediate improvement plans and both the regulatory compliance department and audit department shall supervise and ensure that corrective actions are taken and completed.

ASEH continued to conduct regular corporate audits on compliance throughout 2021 and increased the frequency of audits at subsidiaries that are exposed to higher levels of environmental and workplace safety risks. These actions were taken to further strengthen the regulatory compliance mechanisms at all ASEH subsidiaries. Developments in the United States’ EAR (Export Administration Regulations), which impacts the technology sector, are of particular significance to ASEH, and thus classified as a key focus for all subsidiaries’ regulatory compliance. Within Taiwan, we focus primarily on Taiwan’s Securities and Exchange Act, Labor Standards Act, Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Waste Disposal Act and Regulations for the Management of Setting up Renewable Energy Power Generation Equipment. We have implemented the regulatory compliance system and continuously adapt and modify our internal framework, conduct trainings and disseminate information to educate and communicate the importance of regulatory compliance to the board of directors, management and all employees.

In 2021, ASEH remained in resolute compliance with all major laws and regulations governing public listed companies in Taiwan, including the Company Act, Fair Trade Act, Securities and Exchange Act. We have provided a 2021 status report on the management of regulatory compliance to the board of directors in January 2022 to enable the board to understand ASEH’s subsidiaries’ performance in regulatory compliance and to request corrective actions from the responsible subsidiary. ASEH is committed to pursue a perfect record in legal compliance for all of our business activities.