Organization and Structure


Sustainability Management Organization

The Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSC) was formed by the company to serve as the highest level of authority in the planning and supervision of sustainability-related strategies, and facilitating the accomplishment of sustainability management policies and goals of the 3 key member companies of ASEH. The CSC comprises ASEH's directors and top management executives and is headed by the chairman of ASEH, who oversees the committee’s performance and reports the progress to the board of directors. While the management continues to set the company on a growth trajectory, it remains equally focused on creating positive social and environmental impacts.

The Corporate CSR Division was established to serve as the executive secretariat of the CSC. The Corporate CSR Division supports the resource integration and site expertise across all 3 member companies to formulate top–down and horizontal promotional strategies. At the same time, each member company - ASE, SPIL and USI, has a (Corporate) Sustainability Committee established at the corporate level with multiple taskforces. The committee, headed by a senior level executive, is tasked with identifying key issues for discussion, annual presentation of performance and results, and reviewing the progress of meeting various short, medium and long-term sustainability objectives.

In the 2021 CSC annual meeting, the CSC formulated short, medium and long-term goals that helps the company better respond to the evolving industry landscape and global developments in sustainability trends. For more information, please refer to the relevant chapters.


Sustainability Management Framework

We have established our sustainable management framework in accordance with our Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles and Corporate Sustainability and Citizenship Policy. We have also identified sustainable development opportunities through risk identification and close collaboration with our partners and stakeholders. ASEH works with external parties to implement its goals and targets in sustainable development, strengthen the company’s business decision-making process, and create a sustainable business model.


2021 Key Sustainability Projects

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