Sustainable Manufacturing


Sustainable Manufacturing Concepts and Principles

As a manufacturing service provider, ASEH embraces the concept of “doing more with less” and committed to four sustainable manufacturing principles, namely sustainable designs, sustainable procurement and material selection, sustainable production and sustainable packaging and logistics. In the initial product/process design stage, sustainable manufacturing practices (as shown in the diagram below) are incorporated into the entire product life cycle; from raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, usage, to disposal, as well as at subsequent stages of product manufacturing and distribution. Our approach allows us to provide customers with sustainable products of higher value while minimizing the impact to the environment and improving eco-efficiency.

We are committed to:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Managing hazardous substances in components and raw materials used in manufacturing
  • Creating solutions for the design of lightweight, thin, small and energy-efficient products
  • Reducing the environmental impact from manufacturing, packaging, and transportation



Management of Hazardous Substances and Chemicals

To achieve sustainable manufacturing, effective management of hazardous substances is crucial. At ASE, we have formulated a comprehensive framework that includes optimizing the green product management system (GPMS), establishing a database of all substances, and ensuring compliance with customer requirements, the EU RoHS Directive, REACH regulations, Energy Star and the Energy-related Products (ErP) directives. Our policies for the management of hazardous substances are designed to be much stricter than regulatory procedures and governing trends.

We have expanded our control measures for chemicals that cause health hazards and increase environmental risks, including bioaccumulation, persistent pollutants, and materials that affects fertility, are carcinogenic or mutagenic. In addition to managing the chemical content in our products, any newly introduced chemicals that fall within the scope of customer restrictions or the EU REACH Restricted Substances List, during the manufacturing process will be prohibited for use and replaced with another qualified substance. Our policies are aimed at providing employees with a safe and healthy environment that allows them to work with a peace of mind, and advancing towards the goal of a green industry.

Green Laboratory

The ASEH green laboratory conducts R&D and in-depth analysis of green materials right from the source. The lab is part of ASEH’s initiative to strengthen the company’s green solutions by actively developing green manufacturing processes and using environmentally friendly packaging materials.

  • Evaluation and development of green materials: Non-toxic/mildly toxic raw materials and chemical products
  • Development of environmental testing technology: Establish monitoring technology, mechanisms and standards in compliance with global environmental regulations
  • Developments in green manufacturing: Evaluate the technologies in recycling, reduction, and reuse of materials and waste
  • Development of environmental-friendly packaging: Develop bio-composite material packaging